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Restylane® Volyme Lidocaine (1x1ml)

Restylane® Volyme Lidocaine (1x1ml)

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Restylane® Volyme 1 ml  Lidocaine is a gel derma filler with the addition of 0,3% of lidocaine to ensure comfortable and painless treatment. The product is designed  to create and increase face lifting effect. Aging process can result in loss of volume in areas such as cheeks, chin or jaw line and Restylane can restore this loss in facial volume.



Restylane® Volyme Lidocaine is the best solution for enhancing and restoring lost facial volume in areas such as:

  •          Cheeks
  •          Chin or jaw line and remodeling facial structure
  •          Frown lines


  •          1 syringe of 1 ml
  •          2 sterile needles 23G
  •          23 mg / ml of hyaluronic acid
  •          3 mg / ml of lidocaine



  •          Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 23 mg
  •          3 mg / ml of lidocaine

Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine.
By making the purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform treatments using the above- mentioned product.

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