center fillers

about brand.

The Center Fillers brand was established in Warsaw's Ursynów district in 2019. It was founded by Radoslaw Stanczyk and Lukasz Snopkiewicz, who noticed that the rapidly growing aesthetic medicine industry needed professional support and tested, original products, thanks to which the beauty of women and men undergoing treatments would flourish, and the procedures themselves would become safe and focused on optimal results. To this day, this adventure continues to unfold in a unique place - the company's headquarters, which houses both a wholesale aesthetic medicine store, a training space and an office.

our philosophy.

Since the inception of our brand, we have assumed that the most important and key value in aesthetic medicine is safety. At the heart of Center Fillers, and what sets us apart from competing wholesalers, is professional guidance, customized treatment procedures, counseling, and collaboration with professionals in the aesthetic medicine industry - both the medical community and leading manufacturers of products. We believe that smart, safe and tested products in the hands of doctors and specialists can enhance beauty and realistically stop the effects of time on our faces and bodies.

our commitment to the development of safe aesthetic medicine.

We believe that patients who come for help and beauty treatments are confident in the professionalism of those who take care of them. They trust them. That's why we do our best to support professionals in their daily work, so that it is safe and brings spectacular results to them, as well as to their patients and clients. We are constantly undergoing training. With medical and cosmetological support within our own team, we can test the best products and treatment procedures before offering them to our clients. We are developing sales and consulting departments so that each client receives substantive support from the very first contact with us.

We are mobilizing all forces and capabilities to build a stable and safe brand in the aesthetic medicine industry, which we believe contributes to its safe development.

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