CINCELAR + 1x8 ml
CINCELAR + 1x8 ml
CINCELAR + 1x8 ml
CINCELAR + 1x8 ml
CINCELAR + 1x8 ml
CINCELAR + 1x8 ml

CINCELAR + 1x8 ml

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sodium deoxycholate: gives degrading effects on cell membranes of adipocytes, facilitating faster breakdown of released triglycerides
carnitine: a natural component of the human body's cells, essential for proper lipid metabolism
vitamin B2: responsible for oxidation and reduction processes
glycerin: moisturizes and regenerates the skin

volume: 2 ml





It causes a "fat burning" effect. It visibly reduces the amount of unnecessary lipids and fat in the face and body area, causing a "sharp line" effect on the face. It doesn't bulk up, but firms up the skin.

The product is manufactured in accordance with GMP principles.


formulation 1x8 ml


  • reduces fat tissue
  • reduces cellulite
  • accelerates metabolism
  • sharpens facial lines

depth of administration

deep layer of the dermis




Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in the field of aesthetic medicine.
By making a purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform treatments with the use of the above-mentioned product.

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