DIVES Med - LipoShoock+ - zaawansowana lipoliza 1x10ml

DIVES Med - LipoShoock+ - advanced lipolysis 1x10 ml

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Fosfatydylocholina (5%): najsilniejsza substancja emulgująca tkankę tłuszczową, zwiększa przepuszczalność błony i ułatwia wydalanie nadmiaru tłuszczu z organizmu.
Sodium deoxycholate (2.5%): has a degrading effect on cell membranes of adipocytes, allows faster breakdown of released triglycerides.
L-Carnitine (1%): accelerates the transport and metabolism of released triglycerides and their excretion from the body.
Phytosterols: have a lipophilic effect, reducing the level of saturated fatty acids.
Soybean oil: a powerful antioxidant rich in vitamin E, a conditioning agent.
Cartilage jelly extract: mproves circulation and tissue drainage, has a firming and collagen synthesizing effect, recommended for skin laxity and stretch marks.
Hydrogenated lecithin: improves the appearance of sagging skin by improving the tension and elasticity of collagen fibers.
Sh-Oligopeptide 2: reduces and prevents skin overhangs and sagging, synthesizes collagen scaffold and skin proteins, reduces the burning effect.

volume: 1×10 ml



Advanced peptide cocktail for lipolysis and intralipotherapy. LipoShoock+ causes the enzymatic process of breaking down triacylglycerols (triglycerides) in adipose tissue to free fatty acids and glycerol, which, released into the bloodstream, are captured by most tissues and oxidized as a major energy source to carbon dioxide and water. Biochemical elimination of fat cells begins immediately after treatment and continues for 8-12 weeks. Do not exceed 20 ml per treatment. Do not combine with other active substances and saline!


Formulation for body shaping during lipolysis treatment. Causes enzymatic apoptosis of adipocytes and damage to cell membranes, leading to effective reduction of local adipose tissue and smoothing of body structure. The content of the highest permissible concentration of phosphatidylcholine, additionally enriched with peptides and deoxycholic acid, guarantees fast and spectacular results in reducing tissue girth, visible after the first treatment. The formula is enhanced with L-Carnitine, accelerating the metabolism of released fatty acids and optimizing the effect of intralipotherapy. With hydrogenated lecithin and oligopeptides, LipoShoock+ further remodels the collagen scaffold and conditions tissues, leaving them smooth, firm and visibly slimmed.


vial: 1×10 ml


  • lipolysis of the face and body
  • reduces fat volume
  • improves facial and body contours
  • improves skin tone, density and firmness
  • reductes fatty cellulite
  • eliminates skin laxity
  • improves lipid metabolism
  • reduces the tendency for fat accumulation at the treatment site
  • reduces lipomas
  • reduces gynecomastia in men

depth of administration

outer layer of skin

durability of the effect

4-8 treatments at intervals of 21-28 days






Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine.
By making a purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform treatments using the above mentioned product.

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