Regardless of the type of procedure performer, it is extremely important to properly prepare for it, as well as to care for the place it was related to. Therefore, doctors and cosmetologists specializing in aesthetic medicine will find in our offer anesthetic creams and post-treatment products that will be used in such procedures as, for example, needle mesotherapy or CO2 lasers. They can also be used by people who choose permanent makeup or a tattoo.

The anesthetic creams we offer are agents containing lidocaine with a concentration of approx.. 11% or even 18% . lidocaine acts locally on the skin surface by inhibiting the generation and conduction of nerve impulses.

Among the post-treatment products, there are creams and serums containing active ingredients that preserve the effects of treatments and at the same time support skin care at home.

A properly selected combination of measures from both groups is an irreplaceable support in the periprocedural procedure.

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