PROFHILO® H+L (1x2ml)

PROFHILO® H+L (1x2ml)

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Profhilo® H + L is a stabilized product based on hyaluronic acid (HA) intended for skin reconstruction and treatment of skin laxity. Awarded in 2015 by the French AMEC for innovation, an absolute novelty in the world of aesthetic medicine. PROFHILO® is an ultra-modern instrument for skin rejuvenation.



Profhilo® H + L is used on areas affected by skin laxity, such as the lower and buccal parts of the face, nourishes skin cells and restores skin firmness. Profhilo® H + L significantly improves tissue quality, even in difficult areas, and complements other aesthetic and skin filling treatments.
• increasing skin tension
• giving the skin elasticity
• slimming facial features
• neutralization of hamsters
• restoring the lost contour
• smoothing wrinkles

 What you get in the package:

• 1 syringe x 2 ml of the preparation

• Stabilized hybrid HA complexes with the highest available concentration - 64 mg, including:
 - L-HA (operation results in starting the repair cascade)
 - H-HA (main component of skin scaffold and ECM matrix density)
It consists of Stabilized Hybrid HA Complexes with the highest concentration of 64 mg available in the world; L-HA, the operation of which results in the activation of the skin repair and regeneration cascade, and H-HA, which are the main component of the skin scaffold and the ECM matrix (extracellular matrix). Thanks to these molecules, we obtain a filling effect and a plastic modeling effect. Bioremodeling PROFHILO® is an innovative concept of rejuvenating treatments that neutralizes skin laxity. PROFHILO® is a new effective method of rejuvenation.

Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine.

By making the purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform the procedure using surgery.

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