RRS XL Hair 1 x 5ml

RRS XL Hair 1 x 5ml

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RRS XL Hair is a professional product designed to biostimulate hair growth. It also contributes to the overall improvement of the condition of the hair. It will bring the intended results regardless of the patient's age. The areas of application are: scalp, eyebrows and pubic mound.


Composition: XL Hair: 3 mg / ml HA + 52.38 mg / ml biostimulating cocktail (1 EGF growth factor, 1 GM peptide, NAD, 17 amino acids, 9 microelements, 7 vitamins, 5 terpenes, 2 fatty acids, 2 flavonoids, 3 antioxidants).


• strengthening weakened hair
• preventing baldness
• preventing excessive hair loss
• strengthening hair in poor condition
• Improving hair thickness and density
• eyebrow reconstruction

Duration of the effect:

• 1 session a week, approx. 6-12 sessions.

Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine.

By making the purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform the procedure using surgery.

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