Lipolax VL (1x10ml)
Lipolax VL (1x10ml)
Lipolax VL (1x10ml)
Lipolax VL (1x10ml)

Lipolax VL (1x10ml)

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Lipo Lax VL is used for lipolysis of the face and places on the body affected by sagging skin and excessive amount of adipose tissue. The latest formula of LipoLax VL is a combination of the strongest lipolytic substance with an innovative biomimetic peptide complex with a strong skin thickening effect.


The product activates the natural lipid metabolism and triggers intensive lipolysis processes, which causes rapid dissolution of subcutaneous fat and lifting of the contours of the face and body. The main active ingredient is phosphatidylcholine, which dissolves triglycerides in fat cells. The LipoLax VL formula additionally contains a strongly rejuvenating complex of biomimetic peptides (3000mg). They have a strong firming effect on the skin: they stimulate collagen synthesis, visibly lift and prevent flabbiness of decreasing body circumferences. Thanks to the additional content of L-carnitine, the lipolysis process is accelerated and the effects of the therapy are phenomenal.
Palmitoylopentapeptyd-4 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 stimulate the processes of cell regeneration and renewal, increase the production of elastine and neocollagenogenesis thanks to which the dermis is restructing, wrinkles are smoothed and the thickness and firmness of the skin visibly increases. Thanks to the additional content of L-carnitine, the lipolysis process is accelerated and the effects of the therapy are phenomenal.


  • Removal of local fat accumulation and improvement of facial contours
  • Prevention of the gravitational fall of adipose tissue and the formation of unsightly folds, furrows and skin pimples
  • Activation of fibroblasts and enhancement of collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Lifting and smoothing the skin, reducing the depth of wrinkles and folds
  • Improvement of the face oval and strong skin density
  • Stimulating cellular renewal and the skin’s auto-regeneration capacity
  • Reduction of the tendency to accumulate adipose tissue at the treatment site


  • The minimum number of treatments necessary to obtain satisfactory results
  • Short duration of the procedure ( about 20 minutes )
  • Lack of preparation for surgery
  • No recovery time
  • No need for anesthesia
  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Innovative composition of the preparation optimizing the effects of therapy
  • High therapy safety resulting from the highest quality and purity of active substances LipoLax VL
  • Combination of lipolytic action of LipoLax VL
  • Preventing skin sagging at the site of decreasing tissue circumferences

Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine.

By making the purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform the procedure using surgery.

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