Restylane® Refyne Lidocaine (1x1ml)

Restylane® Refyne Lidocaine (1x1ml)

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Restylane® Refyne 1 ml Lidocaine sterile, biodegradable, transparent gel based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The preparation is a filler that works by increasing the volume of tissues, which results in restoring the facial contours to the desired degree of correction. Optimal Balance Technology (OPT) allows the filler to blend smoothly into the skin.



Restylane Refyne provides a lifting effect and reduces moderate wrinkles and lines:

  •          correction of moderate wrinkles
  •          forehead wrinkles
  •          a valley of tears
  •          modeling the shape of the lips (volume, contour)
  •          modeling the cheeks
  •          nasolabial folds
  •          zygomatic bone (contour)


  •          1 pre-filled syringe with 1 ml of the preparation
  •          2 sterile disposable needles, size 30G 1/2
  •          20 mg / ml of hyaluronic acid



  •          cross-linked hyaluronic acid 20 mg
  •          3 mg / ml lidocaine
  •          phosphate buffered saline pH 7 - qs ad 1 ml



Product to be used only by doctors or cosmetologists trained in aesthetic medicine.
By making the purchase, you declare that you are authorized to perform treatments using the above- mentioned product.

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